A Thousand Perfect Notes by C.G. Drews

Heartbreakingly Beautiful

Beck does not fight back, he chooses the path of least resistance and constantly tries to please the Maestro. But even a thousand perfect notes wouldn’t please her. Beck’s resentment for his mother and the music she makes him play is reaching a breaking point. When Beck meets August, she helps show him that he could break free if he wanted, and she feeds him lots of cake like a good friend.

I found this book because I love Cait’s reviews and her Instagram profile (@paperfury). This book was full of her humor and I absolutely loved seeing it in her prose. There were some dark undercurrents throughout this book which I did not expect since it has such a vibrant cover and is a contemporary! I didn’t really read the synopsis beforehand, I just knew I wanted to read it.

I loved seeing Beck’s love for his own music slowly conquer his fear of the Maestro. His fear of her never completely leaves, but I loved how he slowly found the strength from his own music, his friendship with August and his love for Joey to confront her about how she treats her children. There were so many times I wanted to shake Beck and tell him to run, RUN for help. Of course he didn’t listen to me then.

Beck and August’s friendship begins because they have to write a paper together for a class. August is a top notch student and isn’t going to let Beck’s supposed “laziness” affect her grade. She drags him into a begrudging friendship. I loved how Beck was constantly telling August they weren’t friends, when he clearly cared for her. They were so damn adorable.

Then we have Joey, Beck’s five year old sister. She is the most hilarious rascal I’ve ever read about. She almost never failed to liven up a scene by YELLING, swearing at Beck/August, or doing something that’s only cute for 5 year olds.

Overall, this story made me want to cry so many times (I didn’t because I have a heart of stone), but it was mostly hopeful and I loved how much it encourages you to follow your true passion.

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