Once & Future by Amy Rose Capetta & Cori McCarthy

I don’t think I’ve ever read a more gay book in my life. I already want to reread this. ALSO THE MC IS CANON PANSEXUAL AND I THINK I JUST DIED FINSVIVBS

Once & Future has two main characters: Ari, the girl on the run from the law AKA the Mercer corporation that controls everything, and Merlin, the wizened wizard from the tale of King Arthur–however, since Arthur’s death he has been reincarnated 42 times and each time he ages backward. These two cross paths after Ari pulls Excalibur from Old Earth and awakens Merlin from his enchanted sleep.

In this re-imagined world, we find that the population of Earth has left it to colonize other moons, planets and spacecrafts. I loved seeing the diversity of this solar system and getting to experience how life was on several of the difference planets. While this story starts off with only Ari and her brother Kay, their antics quickly lead to acquiring a crew of several people. The crew was so flawlessly diverse, not only in skin color, but in body shape and sexual orientation.

I am not super familiar with King Arthur legends, but getting small inside scoops from Merlin was so much fun and made me feel like I was in on the secrets with him. Not to mention, Merlin was so damn funny! I loved whenever he showed up, because he never failed to make me laugh. Plus he’s like a super old guy in a 16/17 year old body, how can there not be an abundance of shenanigans from that alone!?

I really loved the way this story was crafted. I think the timeline was well thought out even if I screamed at one point because of the time leap. I loved how Ari and Merlin concocted their plans to take down Mercer. The ending was quite intense and I was a bit shocked with everything that happened. However, I really can’t wait to see what will happen in the next book. I think there will be a lot of consequences from this book that will come into play.

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