Meet the Blogger: Part One

Hey everyone! I know I have an about me section, but I thought it would be fun to find other ways to share a little more about me and my likes/dislikes. I don’t have any set questions or anything, but if you’d like me to answer a specific question let me know!

First things first, I am a cat mom! I have two precious furbabies who are my pride and joy. Victor is my fluffy and outgoing rascal. Vivi is my sweet, smol angel. Victor is constantly YELLING, because as soon as I am home I should of course be feeding him treats by the truck load. I can’t tell you how many photos I have of him mid-yell. They’re my favorite.

Vivi is my little girl. She is very quiet, and still a bit skittish. I believe she has cat anxiety and she recently got some medication so she doesn’t always look like she’s freaked out by the giant world of my small apartment. Vivi also doesn’t really meow, it’s more like a mrrrp. She has the skinniest little leggies and I love to pet them. When I do she gives me a very disapproving look and then tucks her legs away 😦

Somehow I read over 400 books last year.

I’m a very avid reader, I love diving into new worlds and I’m continually looking for good recommendations. I’d say my favorite genres are Science Fiction and Fantasy, but I’ll give almost anything a chance. Recently, I’ve been trying to read more Own voices stories, and stories with LGBTQIAP+ characters. Most of what I read is in audiobook format. I have a really busy schedule, but I can listen to a book or music while I’m working in the lab. It’s so perfect, because I can listen to books all day until I have time to physically read!

Just hanging out with my bookcase, it’s a pretty normal occurrence.

I do help manage a couple bookish groups besides my Instagram account. On Facebook, I’m a moderator for The Booket List. We do monthly themes, a yearly challenge and have our members sorted by Hogwarts House for the school term (August to June). On Goodreads, I’m an admin with my two friends Felicia and Alaina of Challenge Corner. We have two quarterly challenges (April to June): a team and a solo one, as well as monthly/bi-monthly challenges that are team based. Both of them are a great way to push yourself to read something new and to cut through that never ending TBR!

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