Two Seasonal Poems

Winter’s Daughter
I used to give everything life. A Summer sunshine girl
My soul used to be a sizzling Ball of boiling passion. But now It’s all been taken away from me
My soul is now chilled dark. Black. No longer warm but pure ice.
In the deepest part I know there’s still Warmth, fighting and struggling to survive. Winter reaches out its frigid fingers to Claim me as its victim.
I know if I find that person My fight Will come back. I need my Summer Sunshine Boy. He’s out there. Somewhere.
I hope he finds me in time. Before I become a MONSTER. Killing everything and anything with the ice cold malice of winter.
I am Winter’s Daughter

My Summer Sunshine Boy
I feel cold, shivers rack my body. I am never cold. Something has broken.
Tiny fissures break the ice that surrounds my soul. From within sunshine escapes, growing stronger with Every glimpse I get of you.
I cannot believe this cold feeling. But every time I See you, the cracks break deeper. Heat floods My cheeks, sunshine bleeding out
My ice cold soul begins to melt, a fiery passion uncovered. You bring out the warmth in me, this glittering Sunshine, for once in my life, I feel good.
I know I would trade anything to keep this sunshine except you, It fills me with hope and promise of a future I have never known
You have given the Ice girl her summer soul back. My eyes regain their normal golden hue and the last of The ice recedes from within
Finally, I hold your hand in mine,
My summer sunshine boy

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