Secret Heir (Dynasty #1) by MJ Prince

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review 

Oh god how do I write a review for this book!?! My emotions have been on an insane ride that is for sure.

So, Jazmine is the main character in this story. This girl has insane comeback game. If you think you can insult her and walk away unscathed, think again. Also, she’s not afraid to throw a punch. Yes, she’s a Class A Badass Bitch. Not to mention she has some pretty fucking cool powers over the elements. Now Jazmine hasn’t had a very good life, but then she is whisked away to this beautiful world where she is royalty! It definitely threw her for a loop, but I’m glad to say that she didn’t let it go to her head.

The first half of this book or so is Jazmine adjusting to life in Eden and the Dynasty Heirs don’t make it easy for her, especially Raphael St. Tristan and Layla Delphine. Layla is a bitch, like there’s really nothing nice I can say about her. And Raph is…a lot of things. I don’t even want to try to describe this dude. He is complex. While Jazmine tries to adjust she is constantly getting into fights with her housemates, but she does make one friend named Dani. Dani is literally the sweetest thing and is an absolute bestie to Jazmine, I loved their friendship the moment it started.

I’d classify this book as a romance with fantastical elements and court/political intrigue. The romance/high school drama is basically what takes the big stage here. And it sounds boring, but it is not! Jazmine had me laughing so hard and rooting for her within the first 20% of the book. I loved her attitude and it made reading this book so easy and enjoyable. I liked how the other elements came into play enough that I wasn’t bored. And damn that romance blew me away. I literally cannot wait for book 2 because THAT ENDING OMFG.

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