Break-Up Scene

I walked into the courtyard and saw Barnaby waiting for me under the tree where I asked him to meet me. He stood up when he saw me and rubbed his hands together. I could tell he was nervous, maybe he even knew what was coming.

          “Hey.” I said.

          “Jessamine, what you saw, it’s not what you think.” He admitted.

          I crossed my arms across my chest. “Oh yeah. What did I see then?” I narrow my eyes at him.

          “I just… I’m tight on money right now and I need the extra money so…” He struggled with the words, shuffling his feet and looking at the ground. “It was the only option I could come up with in time.”
          “You think I care about that? God, Barnaby, I don’t care that you’re a male stripper.” I yelled. I could feel my temper rising, he didn’t even get it.

          “Wait… what? Then what’s this about? I know you saw me at Suzanna’s party and I wanted to explain then, but by the time I could get away for a minute, you were gone.” He babbled.

          “Yes, I saw you there and that was really awkward. I wished you’d told me ahead of time so I wouldn’t have been so surprised, but that’s not the issue.” I sighed, rubbing the side of my face.

          “I want to break up.” I blurted.

          Barnaby stumbled back a few steps, the color draining from my face. “What? Why? You just said you were fine with my job.”

          I could see him start shaking and that’s when I knew I was right.

          “You’re taking drugs again aren’t you?” I demand. “I can see you shaking right now, you’re already going through withdrawal.” I stalk towards him and grab his arm, yanking up his sleeve. His elbow is bruised and there’s a raised spot where he’s poked the needle in repeatedly. “What is this? Hmmm, Barnaby?” I wait for an answer, but he just shakes his head.

          “You need to take care of yourself first and until you can do that, we’re done.” I walk out of the courtyard and call over my shoulder “Good-bye Barnaby.”

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