Angels & Demons on Earth (Flash Fiction)

“What have you done to her?” Gerard bellowed, cradling her broken body in his arms.

            “Nothing she didn’t deserve for being so foolishly naïve.” The demon smiled, showing its crooked, sharp teeth.

            “She tried to love you and you took advantage of her. You could’ve left her alone!” Gerard screamed. “Why can’t you leave us all alone?”

            The demon snarled and moved towards them. He held a hand towards the girl and she moaned, curling into Gerard’s chest whimpering in pain.

            “Catalina! Are you okay?” Gerard whispered. He sat heavily on the ground and caressed her cheek. “Please come back to me. I need you.”

            The demon laughed. “She’s dying and there’s nothing you can do to heal her. She shouldn’t have fallen for a demon. I’m becoming more powerful as she dies.”

            Catalina shivered and barely opened her eyes. “Take me to the church…” she croaked.

            Gerard swiftly got to his feet and started running through the cemetery. Tombstones and rocks flashed underneath his feet as he sprinted away from the demon. Behind them, the demon chuckled and leisurely followed them.

            “You think you can outrun me little human? There’s no place safe for you anymore.”

            Gerard continued running. “Just hold on Cat we’re almost there.”

               She weakly lifted a hand and whispered “Leave Marax. By our power, Briathos and Suriel, we banish you.” She spoke in Latin. Her skin glowed with heavenly light as she began the transformation.

            The demon flinched, surprise written over his face. “How do you know that!?” He snarled and prowled after them.

“Quickly, Gerard. Once we’re there I need the communion water and four elemental candles.” Catalina sighed and whimpered. “He made me jump. Joshua tricked me into jumping off the falls cliff. Then he revealed his true form and I knew it was all fake. He never loved me.” Tears leaked down her face.

               Gerard ran faster, bursting through the doors of the small chapel in the middle of the cemetery. He whipped his hands at the door and yelled “Seal!” in Latin. He jogged to the altar and gently laid Catalina on the ground. “Just hold on, I’ll be right back.”

               “Hurry,” she croaked.

               Gerard ran into the small office and grabbed the objects Catalina had asked for. He came back and set the Earth candle at the north, the Air in the east, the Fire in the south, the Water in the west and the Purple spirit next to Catalina in the center.

               “Are you ready to start?” Gerard asked.

               Catalina’s blue eyes met his and she nodded gravely. She grasped his hand and started humming the angelic lullaby they’d all been sung in the nursery. Soft white light cascaded down on them, as they began to change. Gerard casted the circle just as the doors to the church banged open.

               “Look whose here children!” The demon screeched. His molten form slumped against the door, straining to claw through the hallowed runes. He shrieked, “Angels? You can’t be angels!”

               Briathos stood, “With the elemental power and divine right within us, we command thee, Marax, to give back the stolen energy harvested!”

               Marax bellowed and fell to his knees, clawing at his face as the magic whirled around him. A ribbon of white energy connected Suriel to the demon and he roared.

               “Suriel, take back what rightly belongs to you and come back to your Heavenly match as so declared by God.” Briathos continued.

               The white energy began to center on Suriel, her wings manifested as she softly floated above the ground. Briathos, in full warrior gear and white wings, growled at Marax who’d tried to physically move the energy ribbon. His hand grasped air. The energy sizzled and snapped, dropping Suriel to the ground. Marax slumped unconscious.

               Briathos kneeled by Suriel and propped her head, letting the holy water drip into her mouth. “With this drink, the power of Marax is hereby heavenly sealed.” Suriel swallowed and coughed, opening her eyes again.

               They laughed, giddy that they had both survived. A moan came from the figure on the floor. The two angels looked over to see Joshua, the former demon Marax, struggling to his feet. “This isn’t over!” He pouted.

               A gunshot echoed and a flash of divine light exploded through the church. Catalina screamed looking at Gerard. He huffed at the dead figure, “Now it is.” He helped Catalina to her feet and together they left the blood soaked chapel hand in hand.


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