A World in the Pages

The unfolded pages of the book are an open invitation to adventure

The book flutters its pages at me

Its golden pressed title stares at me, Waiting for the words to come to life

            Pages rustle in anticipation

            I caress the pages, feeling the soft marks made from a pen long ago

I pull the book close inhale the musk and ink, dust motes floating up my nose

            I breathe in the scent, taste the earthy mildew clinging to each page

Corners slice my skin while I watch the characters breathe into me

Librarian Laura, glares at me in the fiction section in the Library of Alexandria

Actually, she growls at me

My Knight pulls out his sword, ready to fulfill his role as Guardian

“I will protect my Bae!”

“You have been too quiet therefore I must kill you” Librarian Laura snarls

“Lady, my attitude is on fleek, what are you talking about?” I question

The soft pages of the book waft their magical energy and sweep me up in a whimsical dance

The librarian’s face elongates, her neck snaking away from her body, transforming her into a demon snake from Hell

The BookWurm jumps back, gathers her magic and flings an iceball at the demon

Will the Hero slay the terrible demon? Will the Knight fulfill his duty as Guardian?

The effervescent pages leap to page 427

It takes an Enemy to hate a Friend

”Quondam super a tempore.”

The Library rumbles and shakes, lights flash: time to lock up the stories for the night

Pages fly through the air, gliding on invisible air currents, as words form and combine, absorbing into the pages and knitting in the book, the last page was still blank…

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